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Biffle HardHead
Shown from left to right: 3/16 oz., 5/16 oz., 7/16 oz., 11/16 oz., 1 oz.

Swinging Hook

Biffle HardHeads


All the benefits of a football head, plus the added action of a worm hook that moves freely with the bait. The hook is a high quality Owner J Hook for a perfect Biffle Bug fit. WARNING

Product Chart

Model Size Hook
316HH261 3/16 oz. 3/0 Copperhead
516HH261 5/16 oz. 4/0 Copperhead
716HH261 7/16 oz. 4/0 Copperhead
Model Size Hook
1116HH261 11/16 oz. 4/0 Copperhead
1HH261 1 oz. 6/0 Copperhead