5" Biffle Big Bug

Whether targeting big bass from the start or looking for that kicker, the 5" Biffle Big Bug is ready for the task. Its size increase is strategic by body part to maximize performance and hook sets.

Available Colors:

TBI11 Black Neon (LAM) TBI234 Bama Bug (LAM)
TBI15 Red Bug (LAM) TBI301 Black Gold Puple (LAM)
TBI46 Grape Big Red TBI302 Okie Dokie (LAM)
TBI58 Motor Oil Neon TBIG314 Red Swamp Craw
TBI70 Peanut Butter & Jelly (LAM) TBIG315 Dark Watermelon Pepper/Pumpkin Purple (LAM)
TBI76 Sapphire Blue (LAM) TBI255 Sooner Run (LAM)
TBI88 Green Pumpkin (LAM) TBI256 Brown Copper/Orange Copper (LAM)
TBI92 Smoke Silver (LAM) TBI274 Delta Craw (LAM)
TBI96 Watermelon Pepper (LAM) TBI275 Peacock Pepper (LAM)
TBI111 Natural Craw (LAM) TBI276 Black Gold/Yellow Pepper (LAM)
TBI131 Jalapeño Pepper (LAM) TBI277 Watermelon Goldfish (LAM)
TBI170 Leech (LAM) TBI286 Mossy Pumpkin (LAM)
TBI176 Pearl Pepper (LAM) TBI1118 Black Neon/Double Silver (LAM)
TBI208 Blackberry/Sapphire (LAM) TBI1131 Black Neon/Chartreuse Pepper (LAM)
TBI209 Green Pumpkin/Christmas Tree (LAM) TBI8831 Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse Pepper (LAM)
TBI228 Green Pumpkin Candy (LAM) TBI8896 Green Pumpkin/Watermelon Pepper (LAM)
TBI229 Dark Watermelon Candy (LAM) TBI8974 Smoke Neon/Pumpkin Pepper Neon (LAM)
TBI233 Okeechobee Craw TBI9498 Dark Watermelon Neon/Watermelon Neon (LAM)
TBIG10734 Black/Cherry Pepper (LAM)

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Shown in Dark Watermelon Neon/Watermelon Neon

Bobby Garland, a well-known bass fisherman, had many unique soft plastic designs to his credit over many years in the fishing industry, including the Gitzit and Spider Grub.

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